IRS officers online is a comprehensive portal for Indian Revenue Service, which is one of the premier Union Civil Services of India. The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) introduced it to provide web based facility for creating and updating service profiles of IRS officers in real time.
User can logon to the website by entering his username (i.e. Civil Code number) and password in to the login panel which appears on the left hand side of the screen , below the menu bar. Unique passwords have been dispatched by CBDT via post to all the officers. When a user logs on to the website for the first time he has the option of changing his password (i.e. system generated) and submitting a new one. User is also asked to enter the email address when he / she logs on for the first time.
To publish any content or to post a comment on any of the content uploaded by other officer, user needs to be logged on to the IRS website.
Any content or comment posted on to the IRS Community sections by a user is first approved by the Super Administrator. Post the approval the content can be viewed on the website.
It is a community for IRS officers where officers can interact with one another and they can also share their or their family member’s Achievements, Ideas and Creative works (like arts & paintings, poems, essays, photography talents etc).
At Media Centre users can read and upload news articles pertaining to the Income tax fraternity.
User can view other officer’s profile via Civil Code or Via Officers Name or Location or Batch Year or Rank or status in the “Profile & Cadre Management Gateway” section.
There are user manual appearing on the top right hand side of the screen. A word document file opens when you click on it. All the instructions of how to use a particular section are mentioned in this word document.
User can view all the reports in the “Profile & Cadre Management Gateway” section.

We hope the FAQ page was useful to you. However, if your query is still unanswered, please feel free to write to us at dbc.cbdt@incometaxindia.gov.in We'll get back to you as soon as possible