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Should the new APAR (ACR) forms be made objective type? - 16/06/2009

By : Sanjay Bahadur (View Profile)

Recently DOPT has issued a notification that ACRs (henceforth to be called APAR) would be shown to officers within 15 days. An officer can raise objections on any remarks. Under these changed circumstances, will it not be better to create a format that is completely objective in terms of Reporting / Review? For example, "Punctuality" should be rated either as "Commendable", "Acceptable" or "Needs improvements". Similarly, overall grading by Reporting / Reviewing officer may only have "Fit for promotion" or "Not fit for promotion". These could be check-boxes to be ticked. There is great need to make the gradings very objective in view of the increased transparency. Maybe the HRD directorate can think about this.

By : satyajit mandal (View Profile)

format for field and non-field should also be as per the nature of the job an officer / official is performing in that office.