Achiever's Pavilion

Achiever's Pavilion

Share your proudest moments, your family members or childrens achievements, and make the IRS community proud. Upload your work or browse through achievements of your fellow IRS officers and their family members.

About Pavilion

Achiever’s pavilion is a platform where you can share your and your family member’s proudest moments and achievements with fellow officers, and make the IRS community proud.

Everyone has a creative side. Share personal achievements and make the community proud of your and your relative’s talent.

Share professional and work related milestones with the community.

Celebrate with the community achievements in sports and other recreation activities.

Your little one topped grade six or cracked medical entrance, share with the community your and your family’s academic milestones and make us proud.

An achiever in any other field? Share with the community your milestones and achievements in any other section not mentioned above.