About Us

After completion of phase one, Shri B. Balagopal, Joint Secretary (Admn) (Direct Taxes) directed the Database Cell of CBDT (DBC) to prepare a road map with timelines for subsequent phases which included improvement of the existing profile management software and revamping of the IRS website.

The following elements were some of the major improvements suggested by Shri B. Balagopal, Joint Secretary (Admn) and by the then Director (Ad. VI), Shri M.D. Sinha

  • The home page has to be made more contemporary and visually appealing
  • There are several newer web-design related technologies that have come into existence, which can be applied to make the site more user friendly
  • The content management system was very cumbersome. This created problems at late hours or on holidays
  • The archive management and retrieval system was very rudimentary
  • There was need to add more utilities to the site
  • Since this was conceived as a portal for the entire IRS community, it was felt that certain more elements of personal / individual interest should be introduced. This would help making the website more popular and gradually officers would get into the habit of regularly visiting the site. This will ensure much faster information dissemination at the same time, it will make knowledge and information exchange more effective
  • This portal can become the umbrella portal for all areas of interest for IRS officers and also be used as an effective communication tool.
  • The database of IRS officers can be fully integrated to the portal and this can have several uses
  • The vision behind the redesigning of the portal was to convert it into the best portal for any organised civil service of India

These suggestions and vision were duly appreciated by the Board and approval was given for initiating the next phase of work. Chairman CBDT, Shri N.B. Singh and Member (P&V), Shri Shaikh Naimuddin took active interest in development of the concept and design by the Database Cell of CBDT. Shri Pawan Wadhwa, the then Director (Ad. VI) prepared the ground work for launching the next phase. Shri Sanjay Bahadur and Shri Arun Kumar, Addl. Directors of Income Tax and the staff of Database Cell of CBDT were entrusted by the Board to carry out both these tasks in time bound manner. Accordingly, a new dynamic program named Cadre Management System (CMS) has been developed for management of the IRS cadre. At the same time, the portal www.irsofficersonline.gov.in has been totally revamped to create a vibrant, interactive forum for Indian Revenue Service.

The new version of the portal was formally inaugurated by Shri S.S.N. Moorthy, Chairman CBDT on 8th June 2009. It is hoped that this will not only prove to be professionally very useful for the Indian Revenue Service community but will also help integrate the Service and enable its members to take the maximum advantage of their combined knowledge, skills and talents. At the same time, it will afford the citizens of India insight into the Indian Revenue Service and its officers. Such an effort at opening up a public service to public scrutiny is perhaps a unique exercise of its kind in India.

In 2017 IRS Website was made accessible to all the ITO rank officers.

At present, the database cell is being managed by Sh. Mahesh Kumar, Addl. Director of Income-tax and Sh. Amit Raj, Joint Director of Income-tax.